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Georgia Education Lawyer won back the $750 of liquidated damages taken out of 150 DeKalb County School teachers’ contracts. The suit, brought on behalf of two plaintiffs for the loss of $1500.00, ended up having a settlement of $160,000 to pay each of the 150 teachers back their unpaid wages, paid $50,000 in attorney fees, and placed a moratorium of the liquidated damages provision in teacher contracts for the 2017-2018 school year.

The two courageous plaintiffs, Chayka Bettis and Leslie Hein, were members of the Georgia Association of Educators. Williams Oinonen LLC partner Julie Oinonen stated that “we filed the lawsuit hoping to establish a state-wide precedent for all Georgia educators. We hope that DeKalb will uphold the moratorium and other school districts will follow their lead.”

To read the front page Daily Report article, click here.

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The law firm of Williams Oinonen LLC is grateful to have both partners, Mario Williams and Julie Oinonen, as honorees for the Rising Star Super Lawyers Award for a third year in a row. While up to 5 percent of the lawyers in a state are named to Super Lawyers, no more than 2.5 percent in the state of Georgia are named to Rising Stars.

Specializing in wrongful death, injury, and injustices, the partners at Williams Oinonen LLC fight to protect the legal, Constitutional, and civil rights of all people. It is our privilege to represent hard working Georgians all over the state. Whether you are an educator in one of Georgia’s 180 school districts dealing with an employment matter, a business owner in the city of Atlanta, or a farmer in rural Georgia struggling with a business dispute, or whether you are a family facing the loss of a loved one due to an injury or injustice–here you will receive the same excellent service of results driven aggressive advocacy.

Good Georgia Lawyers, the attorneys at Williams Oinonen LLC are committed to upholding their Attorney Oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Georgia.”

Published on: Oinonen was elected to the Board of NELA-GA this January, 2017. NELA-GA, is the Georgia regional association of the National Employment Lawyers Association(NELA), which is a civil rights association made up of lawyers whose employment litigation practice areas advocate for the rights of employees. NELA-GA promotes the growth of its members through professional development, education CLE’s and workshops, papers and technical support. NELA-GA promotes the workplace rights of individual employees through a referral program, with a focus on the special obstacles faced by employees as a result of Georgia’s employment laws. NELA-GA members are the attorneys who bring actions to ensure equal employment opportunity for all, and to vindicate the civil rights of individuals to fairness and justice in the workplace.

Membership in NELA-GA is open to attorneys who are devoted to the representing and advancing the rights of workers and who devote more than 50% of their employment related representation to employees.

Ms. Oinonen is also on the Board for Girls Inc; a national program which helps young girls navigate gender, economic, and social barriers and grow up healthy, educated, and independent. She is a member of the Lamar Inn, Georgia Trial Laywers Association, and an adjunct faculty member at Trial Techniques Program at Emory University School of Law.

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Good Georgia Lawyer Mario Williams successfully represented prominent metro Atlanta attorney Mr. Kevin Ross in a lawsuit to clear his good name. A jury recently vindicated Mr. Ross and awarded him $11.3 million in a lawsuit that argued he was falsely accused of corruption. Mr. Kevin Ross sued two businessmen provided a Prosecutor information alleging he was involved in bid-rigging.  The investigation resulted in no charges against Ross, but harmed him significantly by damaging his reputation.

A member of the Georgia Bar since 1980, Mr. Ross has advised numerous private and public sector clients on matters of public affairs, government relations and media relations over the course of his professional career. He practiced law with three major commercial law firms in Atlanta and served for four years as the Managing Partner of the Atlanta office of an international law firm. Additionally, Mr. Ross has managed over a dozen successful political campaigns, including three winning mayoral, and two winning congressional campaigns and a host of other state, county, municipal and judicial races.

William Oinonen LLC considers it a privilege to have represented Mr. Kevin Ross and our many other clients who have been injured by injustices.

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A recent order denying summary judgment allows a trial to move forward on behalf of DeKalb County School District teachers who sued as a result of a liquidated damages provision in their teacher contracts.

Good Georgia Education Lawyer is proud to be an attorney affiliate of the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE). During these challenging times for educators, Williams Oinonen LLC recommends that every Georgia teacher and administrator (including Superintendents, of whom Williams Oinonen LLC has successfully represented) join GAE.

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Good Georgia Trucking Lawyer has often heard clients ask: “A truck just hit me what do I do?” This is a terrible question that no family should have to face. Williams Oinonen LLC was recently privileged to represent a hard working Georgian family injured as a result of a negligent trucking collision.

Many of us have experienced this type of terror as we drive on the highway: A huge eighteen wheeler comes up to close to us as it speeds down the freeway. Unfortunately, about half of a million truck accidents happen every year in the United States.  Unfortunately the result can be fatal and 98% of those fatalities occur to the people in the cars that were hit by the trucks.

Because these trucks are so massive and deadly, our U.S. Congress has passed an enormous amount of laws to regulate the trucking industry. These laws are complex and numerous, so you must obtain a good Georgia lawyer who understands how to litigate crashes that involve trucks.

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Mario Williams and Julie Oinonen were panel speakers on the recent program on Civil Rights Cases on Police Misconduct, a John Lewis Fellows program with Humanity in Action (HIA), in partnership with the National Center for Civil and Human Rights (NCCHR).
The John Lewis Fellowship, named after civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis, is a collaborative, human rights focused educational program for American and European university students and recent graduates that is bringing together a leading international educational organization, HIA and NCCHR, a cultural institution that connects the American Civil Rights Movement to broader international human rights movements. With HIA and NCCHR, the fellowship aims to explore diversity, human rights, and social justice and tasks the fellows with using their knowledge for the common good in their respective communities and countries.
The law firm of Williams Oinonen LLC is proud to be a supporter of the John Lewis Fellows Program, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, and Congressman John Lewis. The law firm was privileged to serve the Congressman as their client, providing opponent research and campaign strategy during his last election campaign season.
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For a second year in a row, Julie Oinonen and Mario Williams were selected as this year’s Super Lawyer’s Rising Stars for 2016.

While up to 5 percent of the lawyers in a state are named to Super Lawyers, no more than 2.5 percent in the state of Georgia are named to Rising Stars.

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Good Georgia Wrongful Death Lawyers from Williams Oinonen LLC are honored to represent the family of Cameron Massey, wrongfully shot by a police Chief Ralph Connor who had been previously investigated for shooting and killing an innocent black man in the back years prior. These clients marched in today’s Martin Luther King parade in Alabama.

Their story, in addition to many of our other civil rights victims’ stories, are often featured in national and international media. Today’s story in the Huffington Post tells the story of Cameron Massey which you can read right here. 

CEO Donald Watkins also has written a copyrighted article on Facebook you can also read here, where he tells the story where he investigated Police Chief Connor back when he was a police officer for the Montgomery Police Department and Watkins was a City Councilman. Watkins writes: “Not surprisingly, Chief Connor has a history of excessive force regarding the use of firearms. Cameron is the second innocent black man Connor has shot during his career as a police officer. While serving as a Montgomery, Alabama police officer in 1983, Connor shot a 23-year old black male. Connor claimed that he mistook the victim for a jail escapee. I investigated this police shooting as a Montgomery City Councilman. My investigation of the shooting revealed the following: (a) the victim, Bobby Joe Sales, had committed no crime; (b) he was unarmed at the time of the shooting; (c) he was not threatening Connor in any way: and (d) he was shot in the back. I reported to the City Council that Connor was a danger to himself and the citizens of Montgomery. I knew that Connor had a propensity for violence that would one day lead to the death of an innocent person. It finally happened on October 15, 2013 in Eufaula.”

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Congratulations to Mario Williams of Williams Oinonen LLC for winning the Clarkston City Council vote on November 3rd. He will be sworn into office on January 5, 2016.

Mario Williams first moved to Georgia two decades ago where he graduated with honors from Morehouse College obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Upon graduating from Morehouse, he worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Central America for two years. Upon completion, he obtained his law degree at Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. Afterwards, he served as an international human rights advocate in Latin America. His work included drafting successful human rights complaints on behalf of indigenous people before the Inter American Human Rights Commission.

Approximately seven years ago he moved back to Georgia where he and his wife Julie started a law practice with a special focus in civil rights work. He is currently an attorney and partner at the downtown Atlanta law firm of Williams Oinonen LLC where he practices civil rights law, business law and government. Mr. Williams and his wife Julie are ranked by Superlawyers as Georgia Rising Stars, an honor solely awarded to 2.5 percent of lawyers in our state.

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