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Mario Williams was a panel speaker on the recent “Media, Black Manhood, Racial Violence, and Social Justice” program for the inaugural John Lewis Fellows program with Humanity in Action (HIA), in partnership with the National Center for Civil and Human Rights (NCCHR). 
The John Lewis Fellowship is a collaborative, human rights focused educational program for American and European university students and recent graduates that is bringing together a leading international educational organization, HIA and NCCHR, a cultural institution that connects the American Civil Rights Movement to broader international human rights movements. With HIA and NCCHR, the fellowship aims to explore diversity, human rights, and social justice and tasks the fellows with using their knowledge for the common good in their respective communities and countries. 
Mr. Williams has spent most of his life involved in human rights work and is currently a partner at the law firm of Williams Oinonen LLC. The law firm of Williams Oinonen LLC is proud to be a supporter of the John Lewis Fellows Program, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, and Congressman John Lewis. The law firm was privileged to serve the Congressman as their client, providing opponent research and campaign strategy during last election campaign season.
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Richard Belcher, chief investigative reporter for WSBTV featured our client Ms. Millini Matheny and her courageous whistleblower activity. After Ms. Matheny reporting illegal activity within DeKalb County Schools she was subsequently terminated in retaliation.

See below for a copy of her legal pleadings filed:

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International musicians and entertainers Elton John and Michael Stipe have released a joint statement in support of our client Zahara Green (featured in the above photograph), in addition to all transgender prisoners in the state of Georgia, following harrowing reports about the way inmates have been treated there. “Transgender women in male prisons have an equal right to protection from violence and abuse in prison, yet they continue to face horrific injustices,” the duo wrote.

In it, they reference Ms. Zahara Green, our client whose story gained national spotlight when Buzzfeed reported that she – an inmate at a Georgia prison for men – had requested protection after being allegedly sexually assaulted but was then moved to a cell with the man she claimed had raped her.

An article in Rolling Stone magazine featured their statement which continues:

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evidence.jpg Evidence is what you need to win your case. Evidence provides proof to support the claims you have made against a defendant. Obtaining relevant evidence, however, is not as simple as merely asking your opponent to give you everything he/she has after filing a lawsuit. To the contrary, pre-litigation strategy is mandatory.

A good lawyer knows that, before filing a lawsuit, action must be taken in order to help ensure that evidence is available during a lawsuit. One way to accomplish that objective is to send “spoliation letters” to persons/companies who may possess evidence that could help your case.

Spoliation letters instruct a person/company to preserve certain evidence that relates to your case. Spoliation letters are significant because if a person or company destroys evidence after being placed on notice not to do so, then that person/company may be held legally responsible, in a manner that greatly benefits your case. The issue is complicated, however, so you need a good lawyer who knows about this area of law, such as the lawyers of Williams Oinonen LLC.

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Statement on Behalf of Superintendent John Harper-5

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From Williams Oinonen LLC to Superintendent Mike Thurmond and Human Resources Division

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Published on today’s front page at Buzzfeed an article on our courageous client Ms. Zahara Green.

Civil rights attorney Mr. Mario Williams is representing Ms. Green who was admitted into special security/protective custody because a violent rapist, child molester, high profile gang member repeatedly targeted her for sexual assault. Then Georgia Dept of Corrections’ guards purposefully allowed him to enter and let loose in her solitary, protective cell for nearly 24 hours in spite of security checks every 30 minutes. Ms. Green is exceedingly brave and seeks justice for what has been done.

To read more on the story, click here.

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Today the Daily Report featured an article on Mr. Mario Williams’ oral argument before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Williams represents Delma Jackson, a woman who was retaliated against by the Department of Corrections wardens and commissioners and given indefinite denial of visitation to her spouse as a result of her alleged involvement at a rally at the state Capitol concerning the prison strike held to protest prison abuse.

The District Court held the defendants were not entitled to qualified immunity for denying Jackson visitation rights after her husband discontinued his hunger strike. The judge declared that at some point the threat of any strike-related disruption disappeared.

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