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Good Georgia Trucking Lawyer Wins 7 Figure Confidential Settlement In Trucking Injury Case


Good Georgia Trucking Lawyer has often heard clients ask: “A truck just hit me what do I do?” This is a terrible question that no family should have to face. Williams Oinonen LLC was recently privileged to represent a hard working Georgian family injured as a result of a negligent trucking collision.

Many of us have experienced this type of terror as we drive on the highway: A huge eighteen wheeler comes up to close to us as it speeds down the freeway. Unfortunately, about half of a million truck accidents happen every year in the United States.  Unfortunately the result can be fatal and 98% of those fatalities occur to the people in the cars that were hit by the trucks.

Because these trucks are so massive and deadly, our U.S. Congress has passed an enormous amount of laws to regulate the trucking industry. These laws are complex and numerous, so you must obtain a good Georgia lawyer who understands how to litigate crashes that involve trucks.

Again, and we cannot emphasize the following point enough: crashes that involve trucks (e.g., Mack Trucks, Eighteen Wheelers; Tractor Trailers; Freight liners) are very different from accidents between two standard cars. Because of that, a good Georgia lawyer will always advise anyone–the first thing he/she should do after being hit by a truck is: call an attorney.

Equally as important as calling an attorney immediately is: do not talk to anyone who represents the trucking company, because, for example, that person will most likely record your statement and try to use it against you later. The trucking industry is a billion dollar industry, so you need a Georgia trucking lawyer who knows how to hold these companies accountable.



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