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Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer Warns: Worst Thing To Do When Injured– Talking To The Defendant’s Insurance Company Adjuster

This is a video clip that would be hilariously funny if it was not so true. This is a conversation between an injured person and an insurance company adjuster. The insurance company adjuster represents the drunk driver who caused the injured person’s broken legs and brain injury.

Many people make the horrible mistake of trusting the insurance adjuster who represents the person that hurt them. No matter what type of injury case you are involved in, this is the worst thing you can do. The insurance adjuster is not on your side! Their only goal is to try and get you to settle for as low of an amount of money as possible.

No matter how nice they may seem, they are not your friend and they do not have your best interest at heart. Do not give them a statement. Do not sign any release forms. Do not talk to them or anyone else before talking to an attorney.

Sometimes we meet injured plaintiffs who thought they could “out smart” the insurance company and settle their case themselves. Unfortunately, they do not understand who and what they are going up against–and the result is very damaging.

As you can see from this video, the insurance company’s standard defense will be to try and deny that their insured had anything to do with causing your injuries as well as to deny that you are really even injured. And if you are injured, they will scour your past medical records and argue that your injuries had something to do with a pre-existing condition.

Don’t go it alone! If you are suffering any type of problem make sure you seek counsel to understand all your rights and to protect your legal interests.

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