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Good Georgia Education Lawyer Sues School District For Repeated Violations Of Bullying Law And Open Records Act: Student Called Snitch By Faculty After Reporting Teacher’s Violent Assault and Use of N-Word

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Good Georgia Lawyer was featured on the Channel Two six o’ clock news regarding a bullying lawsuit their clients were forced to sue against Clayton County School District for failure to comply with the Georgia Bullying Statute and the Georgia Open Records Act.

In one instance, our clients’ daughter was called a “snitch” by her guidance counselor on a bullhorn in front of all of her classmates after she had to file an incident report against her teacher who violently exploded and repeatedly physically assaulted her classmate including using the N word. Two other faculty had to drag the teacher off her classmate to keep him from repeatedly punching him and headbutting him up against a wall. The young girl had to file a report numerous times but not before she was retaliated against by faculty in front of the entire school via a bullhorn in violation of the Georgia bullying statute which prohibits retaliation related to bullying complaints.

In another instance, our clients’ son had been a victim of verbal and physical abusive bullying for an entire year with his teacher failing to comply with a bullying action plan which had been set in place in order to protect the child. The situation continued to escalate for the worse with the administration failing to appropriately intervene, require the teacher to comply with the law, and respond to the parents repeated requests for records under the Georgia Open Records Act.

The parents seek injunctive relief from the Court, meaning they request a Judge to order Clayton County School District to comply with the laws and have decided to file this lawsuit in order to address a wide spread pervasive problem of bullying.

This lawsuit was featured on the five o’clock and six o’clock news two nights in a row. To see a video of the teacher hitting the student, click here.

To see what the family had to endure with their young son, you can watch the news feature here.

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