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traffic.JPGGood Georgia Lawyer is very concerned about the Governor’s new plan to turn the emergency lane on the Ga. 400 into a travel lane. Governor Nathan Deal announced this new project to convert the highway shoulder that is typically used for an emergency lane as an additional lane for traffic. The emergency shoulder is currently used for ambulances, firetrucks, and police cars who need a speedy bypass for getting through congested traffic to reach an emergency or get a patient to the hospital in time.

Emergency services operators are all expressing their alarm. Even those who simply need to use the emergency lane in the event of a car break down now will not have an option to do so, thus increasing the dangers on this particular freeway significantly. Firefighters, police officers, and ambulance drivers are against the new plan believing it will put the public at risk.

Ga. 400 rush-hour commuters know how difficult this freeway can be as it has been recently ranked as one of the nations most unreliable commutes. Nevertheless, experts say that converting the emergency lane into a traffic lane will not ease the traffic that significantly and critics contend that the heavy price tag made up of safety losses make it not worth it.

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teacherstudent.JPGWilliams Oinonen LLC is happy to report recent success in representing a Georgia educator with decades of experience who had her contract non-renewed with the Fulton County School District. To add insult to injury, the school district denied her employment benefits putting this divorced mother at risk of losing her home and not being able to provide for her young children right before the Christmas holiday.

Williams Oinonen LLC generally bills clients in all employment matters but in this case, we accepted this matter on a pro bono basis as this successful educator had been a loyal client of ours in the past and was in an emergency situation in need of urgent help. It was the least we could do to help a dedicated and committed educator who had served the Georgia public schools for so many years.

We are happy to say that we were able to win our client’s appeal and she was awarded back pay and her unemployment benefits just in time for Christmas. We were humbled to receive from her the following email which she gave permission to share:

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teacherteacher.JPGHere is one letter that Williams Oinonen LLC recently received from a satisfied client who walked out of our office with a very fat check after hiring us to handle her case. This client was a school teacher who lost everything and was severely injured due to someone’s negligence. While we can’t tell you the Defendant’s name or the amount of money they had to pay her to compensate her for these injuries due to a confidentiality agreement, we can share with you what she states in her own words about us:

“Hi, my name is Nicole and I retained services from Williams Oinonen LLC. This was my first time hiring a lawyer so naturally I was very skeptical. But, my experience with Williams Oinonen LLC has been a fantastic experience. When I first sought out a lawyer, I emailed countless of law firms and most law firms didn’t even respond to my email. One law firm responded and told me I didn’t have a strong case. Williams Oinonen LLC is the ONLY law firm that even considered taking my unique case.

Ms. Oinonen took my case because she truly cares about her clients. After speaking to her for the first time, I trusted her because she was very knowledgeable about my situation and she was very compassionate, therefore I hired her (plus no one else offered to take my case!)

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Here is one email that Williams Oinonen LLC received from a highly, satisfied client who obtained good sized check after hiring us to handle his case. This client was a professional who was injured due to the negligence of a corporation he had been a customer at. The result of his injuries affected his appearance and in turn, his self-confidence on the job and in his day to day life. While we can’t tell you the Defendant’s name or the amount of money we got them to pay in order to compensate our client for these injuries due to a confidentiality agreement, we can share with you what he states in his own words about us:

“I was new to the Atlanta area and had a case that was not important to anyone until I talked to the law office of Williams Oinonen LLC and after that I started to see thing move for me. I am so satisfied with all the effort that Williams Oinonen LLC did for me. I don’t think I would have received this kind of loyalty or support from any other firm in GA. They made it easy for me to understand what was going on every step of the way. They explained every law term in plain English with me. I have and will continue to refer people to this firm. I have yet to hear any complaints from anyone that I have sent their way. So I highly recommend the law office of Williams Oinonen LLC. If I ever need a law firm this is the only one I will call. I cannot say enough about this office. You guys are my lawyers for life!”–Tim T.

Williams Oinonen LLC represents Georgians all across the state in employment matters, personal injury, business litigation, business disputes, education and civil rights matters. We are passionate about our clients and fight hard for them to obtain the justice they deserve. As the 2011 year ends, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve our Georgia community and look forward to future service.

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