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Good Georgia Lawyer Wins Appeal Against Fulton County School District To Deny Georgia Teacher Educator Unemployment Benefits


Williams Oinonen LLC is happy to report recent success in representing a Georgia educator with decades of experience who had her contract non-renewed with the Fulton County School District. To add insult to injury, the school district denied her employment benefits putting this divorced mother at risk of losing her home and not being able to provide for her young children right before the Christmas holiday.

Williams Oinonen LLC generally bills clients in all employment matters but in this case, we accepted this matter on a pro bono basis as this successful educator had been a loyal client of ours in the past and was in an emergency situation in need of urgent help. It was the least we could do to help a dedicated and committed educator who had served the Georgia public schools for so many years.

We are happy to say that we were able to win our client’s appeal and she was awarded back pay and her unemployment benefits just in time for Christmas. We were humbled to receive from her the following email which she gave permission to share:

“Williams Oinonen LLC is a law firm whose attorneys command that justice be served. My case involved complex tactics on the defendant’s part to undermine my professional integrity and years of service as an educator, including denying my rights to unemployment benefits in a tough job market.

Outraged, Ms. Oinonen presented facts with precision and clarity that could not be ignored. She insisted during the hearing on proper protocol, rules of evidence and that the defense be free of unlawful, false statements reminding our opponents through impeachment. Ultimately, a favorable decision was reached within 48 hours.

Having reluctantly filed for other public assistance (further burdening tax-payer dollars), I can now put pieces of my life back together after year of fighting corporate, systemic bullying virtually alone as a divorced mother of four. I now qualify for job re-training programs and can build my skill set to move back to a productive career.

Thank you again, Ms. Oinonen. You are a life saver! Everyone (my loved ones) is ecstatic with your work!”

Williams Oinonen LLC is committed to helping teachers, educators, parents, and students insure that their rights are protected under the law. If you are a Georgia teacher, Georgia parent, or Georgia student that is in need of legal assistance, don’t wait till the situation gets worse.

Often times, we are able to do things before the injustice occurs to mitigate damages or prevent the worst from happening. If you suspect that your rights are being slowly violated, don’t wait till negative action is taken such as through a non-renewal letter. Contact our office first to schedule an appointment in order to set in place the necessary protections to protect your legal interests.

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