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New Georgia School Year, More Schools Implement New Georgia Bullying Laws

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It is a start of a new school year and hundreds of children across Georgia will begin this fall with new teachers, new school supplies, new school uniforms, and a new beginning. Hopefully for most, bullying will not be a part of that equation.

Last year, our law firm assisted multiple families across Georgia whose children were dealing with bullying related issues from the most minor (occasional taunting) to the most serious (physical and sexual assault.)

The AJC wrote a very good article last November detailing the bullying problem in Georgia, also mentioning Williams Oinonen LLC’s managing partner Julie Oinonen who has represented students, parents, and teachers in school districts around Georgia and has handled some of the most difficult bullying cases.

As the academic year commences, school districts begin to implement the new bullying laws and will have to train their faculty and staff accordingly. Here is just an example of what Clayton County is doing to train staff regarding bullying related issues and the new law.

Good Georgia Lawyer has written extensively about bullying laws in Georgia including how to resolve bullying problems for your child and the legal implications of bullying.

Hopefully, if you are reading this your child is not experiencing the physical and emotional trauma of bullying. However, if they are, it is helpful to let them know that they have a parent who loves them and will do their very best to protect them. One of the things you can do and we are confident that you will find most helpful is to schedule a legal appointment with our law firm. Here, you will learn your various legal options, how the law applies to your specific set of facts, and what specific legal and pragmatic recommendations are most appropriate to resolve the problem quickly and most effectively.

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