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Opponent Research For Political Campaigns During This Election Season

As we approach election season, Williams Oinonen LLC taps into a niche practice area offering a selection of political and media consulting services to help candidates win their election. From strategic analysis to key issue and policy research, media messaging, communications, and opponent research— we are all about results.

Williams Oinonen LLC employs the following described research methods:

 On the ground investigation. We have been known to travel to the remotest parts of Georgia’s countryside to cities in far away states in order to obtain extraordinary results;
 Legal research and analysis: we bring a unique skill set as attorneys which allows us to identify key issues that are not obviously apparent to other opponent research & consulting firms.
 In depth review of all media sources: whether it is a newspaper, magazine, blog, or social media outlet, we gather facts on biographical data and public claims made by and about the candidate in all areas of his or her personal and political life;
 Examination of past legal proceedings including criminal records, civil lawsuits, liens, bankruptcies and judgment filings;
 Review of property and property tax payment records related to property owned by the candidate;
 Examination of candidate’s campaign contributions with past and current donors;
 Assessment and compilation of the Candidate’s voting history, work history, and social history–analyzing it for key areas that can be targeted within a campaign.


After compiling data, we synthesize it. This is what makes us unique amongst the competition. This process includes, but is not limited to, the following:

 We examine relationships as well as campaign contributions to the candidate and link future relationships, rewards, and connections with donors that can identify hidden vulnerabilities;
 We “connect the dots” regarding data compilation to help you develop the most effective strategic message creation and delivery;
 After synthesizing and integrating your data, we develop themes based on proven constituent concern areas such as ethics, accountability, stewardship, strong leadership, and so forth.
 We provide a user friendly “red” and “green” analysis: an easy to read synopsis at your fingertips for speeches, debate prep, and campaign ad development which easily identifies what key topics to target in order to defeat the opposition.

From a highly satisfied former client Senator:

“Hands down, Williams Oinonen is the best out there. They played a vital role in ensuring a landslide victory. From offering priceless opponent research, to developing key strategies, to providing media and political advice—-they are a tenacious and unstoppable pair and are the one “must have” you want on your team. Ethical, honest, and committed, they were always there for me when I needed them. If you are looking to win—call Williams Oinonen.”

For more information, contact Williams Oinonen LLC at 404-654-0288.

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