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Georgia Employment Lawyers Win Summary Judgment on Georgia Whistleblower Case

Esther Moody Graff Radford led oral argument with extremely compelling arguments to her brief. The Court ruled from the bench denying summary judgment on all counts and our client will be now proceeding to trial after this victory.

The Georgia Whistleblower’s Act 45-1-4 is a powerful tool for public employees who report illegal activity in the workplace. Under this law, employees who report or testify about such activity are protected from retaliation by their employers. This means that an employer cannot fire, demote, or otherwise punish an employee for speaking up about illegal activity, as long as the employee has a good-faith belief that the activity is occurring.
The protections offered by the Georgia Whistleblower’s Act apply to a wide range of illegal activities, including fraud, theft, discrimination, and harassment.
If you are considering blowing the whistle on illegal activity in your workplace, it is important to understand your rights and protections under the Georgia Whistleblower’s Act. By speaking up, you can help to protect your employer, your colleagues, and your community, while also ensuring that you are not punished for doing the right thing.

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