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Good Georgia Lawyers Win Order For Sanctions On ESI Discovery Abuse

Attached is an Order for Sanctions we recently won in a case regarding the other side’s conduct in discovery. Discovery is a crucial phase in any litigation, as it allows both parties to obtain information and evidence from each other in order to build their case. However, there are instances where one party may engage in discovery abuse, such as through inappropriate deposition conduct or failure to produce requested electronically stored information (ESI).

In Georgia, discovery abuse can result in sanctions, which can include the payment of attorney fees and expenses, the striking of pleadings, and even dismissal of the case. Sanctions may be imposed when a party engages in misconduct during a deposition, such as harassing or abusive conduct, or when a party fails to comply with the rules governing the production of ESI.

Overall, discovery abuse undermines the integrity of the legal system and can significantly impact the outcome of a case. By understanding your rights and the rules governing discovery, you can help to prevent and address any potential abuse, and ensure that justice is served.

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