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Beloved Coach of 39 Years Returns To His Job After Settlement Resolution


Williams Oinonen LLC had the privilege of representing Dr. James O’Donnell. Dr. O’Donnell, who had faithfully served for 39 years, returns to his job this Monday.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution followed the story and his return here.

In a statement, Dr. O’Donnell wrote:

“I am grateful to my community of over 1,000 supporters that included prominent leadership from around the country and most importantly, ordinary moms and dads who care about their children whom I have been blessed to know, many of them being former students of mine themselves. I am so very grateful to each of you for your vigilance, your community organizing, and your testament to the impact I’ve had on your and your children’s lives over the past four decades. I am honored to be the beneficiary of a GoFundMe campaign created by the Henderson Mill community to cover my legal fees and expenses, the remainder of which will be donated to the Henderson Mill Physical Education Scholarship Fund.”

The AJC has followed his story since it began, see here. Williams Oinonen LLC is proud to represent hard working Georgians all over the state and it was a privilege to represent Coach O’Donnell.

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