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Williams Oinonen LLC: Opponent Research Political Consulting For Election Season

Its election season again and Williams Oinonen LLC remains the premiere opposition research political consulting go to group for elected officials throughout Georgia and beyond. For more information on our political consulting practice go to our website here at

Williams Oinonen LLC is proud to support one of our oldest long term political clients, Mayor Kasim Reed this election season. In addition to Mayor Reed, Williams Oinonen LLC is handling a number of Senator, Representative, Mayoral, and other locally elected officials’ campaigns throughout Georgia.

Williams Oinonen LLC focuses all aspects of a political campaign but our reputation has been built upon:

***Conducting premiere opponent research, identifying the competition’s vulnerabilities and developing key strategies to insure opposition defeat.

***Issue research and policy analysis.

***Strategic communications, message creation with creative use of all new media.

***Preventative and reactive crisis management.

From one of our clients who said it best:

“Hands down, Williams Oinonen is the best out there. They played a vital role in ensuring a landslide victory. From offering priceless opponent research, to developing key strategies, to providing media and political advice—-they are a tenacious and unstoppable pair and are the one “must have” you want on your team. Ethical, honest, and committed, they were always there for me when I needed them. If you are looking to win—call Williams Oinonen.”

Representing elected officials throughout Georgia: call today if you are interested in having us be a part of your team.

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