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Williams Oinonen LLC Congratulates Our Clients: Mayor Hardie Davis of Augusta and Senator Horacena Tate

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This election season Williams Oinonen LLC is proud to have represented winning teams and congratulate our clients on their success this election.

Congratulations to Senator Horacena Tate for her successful win serving the people of Georgia along with Senator Hardie Davis—who is now the new Mayor of Augusta, Georgia.

To find out the political consulting opposition research services Williams Oinonen LLC provides go to our website for more information. Williams Oinonen LLC is Georgia’s premier political consulting/opponent research firm.

Our firm focuses all aspects of a political campaign but we especially pride ourselves on:

*Conducting opponent research, identifying the competitor’s key vulnerabilities, and developing strategies to defeat the opposition.
*Issue and policy research.
*Strategic communications development, message creation and delivery.
*Image marketing and creative use of all new media.
*Organizing community outreach.
*Writing and editing news releases, web page content, speeches and campaign materials.
*Preventative and reactive crisis management.

To quote one of our favorite Senator clients:

“Hands down, Williams Oinonen is the best out there. They played a vital role in ensuring a landslide victory. From offering priceless opponent research, to developing key strategies, to providing media and political advice—-they are a tenacious and unstoppable pair and are the one “must have” you want on your team. Ethical, honest, and committed, they were always there for me when I needed them. If you are looking to win—call Williams Oinonen.”

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