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Warner Robins Automobile Accident Injures Passengers

rollover.jpgWarner Robins police reported that 19 year old Jabrial Odeal Adams rolled his car and was found walking near the scene of the accident around 12:15 a.m. this past Sunday.

Three passengers were all at the scene of the accident when police arrived: 18-year-old Earrion Down and 26-year-old Elvina Dowl, both of Warner Robins, and 18-year-old Darlessa West of Cochran. Elvina Dowl suffered a concussion and cuts on her face and was taken to the hospital. West and Earrion Dowl were treated at the scene and released.

Generally, under Georgia law, a typical automobile liability policy will require the insurance company to pay for any damages the insured driver would be legally obligated to pay as damages for bodily injury that results from the use of his insured automobile.

Injuries covered under an automobile liability policy include the range of physical and mental injuries compensable. Under the tort law of the state of Georgia this includes bodily harm, mental distress, lost wages, medical expenses, and general damages for pain and suffering.

The passengers in Sunday’s accident are no doubt lucky to be alive after experiencing a rollover accident. One of the most dangerous types of injuries that are often encountered in these types of rollover automobile accidents are traumatic brain injuries or TBI. Traumatic brain injuries occur when there is a sudden physical force to the head such as in an automobile rollover. There are over one million traumatic brain injuries that are suffered each year alone, many of them turning fatal or having irreversible effects.

While traumatic brain injuries often happen with slip and falls, the second largest amount are made up from motor vehicle accidents. Additionally, teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 suffer the highest risk of receiving a traumatic brain injury. Many experts believe the correlation occurs because it happens to be the age when many young people begin to drive.

However, this correlation between traumatic brain injury and young drivers can often be avoided with proper education and safe driving habits. We need to make certain that our young people in Georgia are trained to avoid texting, speeding, alcohol, and drug use while driving.

Also hopefully, the bills filed by state Rep. Amos Amerson (House Bill 944) and
State Rep. Allen Peake (House Bill 939) which prohibit texting while driving will be merged and pass during this year’s legislative session.

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