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Stronger Bullying Laws needed in Georgia

bullying.jpgThis week, the Georgia House finally passed a controversial bullying bill, the purpose of which is to strengthen the state’s anti-bullying laws.

Rep. Mike Jacobs (R-Atlanta) wrote the bill. It originally did not pass, but on Tuesday made it through as an amendment to a measure dealing with school bus safety.

The amendment was approved 95 to 55, and the bill then cleared 119 to 45.
Rep. Carolyn Hughley (D-Columbus) said the bill was needed and timely.

The new bullying law would allow administrators to transfer a bully to another school and would also make it a crime for principals to knowingly not report bullying to authorities. The bill was initiated because of an incident involving an 11-year-old DeKalb County student who killed himself last year because of bullying and teasing.

For those who have children who suffer from bullying, it is important to document your concerns in writing and express them to the school principal, assistant principal, and school superintendent. If the school administrators fail to cooperate or comply with Georgia anti-bullying laws, consider contacting a good Georgia lawyer to assist you.

Williams Oinonen LLC LLC has experience in working with educators, schools, and administrators. We can assist your family to effectively resolve your son or daughter’s school bullying problem.

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