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Oinonen Law Group LLC To Become Williams Oinonen LLC

Oinonen Law Group LLC will be changing the firm name to Williams Oinonen LLC to reflect the solid, winning partnership between attorneys Ms. Julie Oinonen and Mr. Mario Williams.

Mr. Williams and Ms. Oinonen work in all areas of trial litigation with a special focus on personal injury, consumer law, and business litigation, as well as a political consulting practice which specializes in opponent research, media messaging, ads, and campaign strategy.

Williams Oinonen LLC will continue their mission to protect the rights of those injured or harmed due to a wrong or injustice. The trust and respect provided each client reflects the commitment brought to winning the case.

Stated one recent client, a physician in Georgia:

” I believe and experienced that you put the client’s interests first. You gave me the best advice. When I tell people that you gave me this suggestion, the response has been the same, which is I received great advice. You made this possible without having things get ‘uncomfortable.’ If I or any of my friends have any future legal needs I will definitely contact you.”

The firm looks forward to continued service to our clients through a united partnership as Williams Oinonen LLC.

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