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Good Georgia Education Lawyer Wins State Board Appeal Reversing Local Board’s Decision

Good Georgia Education lawyer wins State Board of Appeal decision reversing a Local Board of Education’s decision to terminate a teacher.

This was a case involving a Georgia Association of Education (GAE) member client. Oftentimes, we are asked “Should I join GAE or Page?” Whereas most associations have legal caps and limitations in terms of how much legal funding they will cover for a member’s case, GAE is the only teaching association in the state of Georgia that is the regional affiliate of the largest teacher’s union in the country, the National Educator’s Association (the NEA) which has the resources to fight and win.

Unfortunately, it is only a question of when (not if) an educator will face a problem in their career that will require legal representation. Going without GAE coverage is similar to driving a car or buying a brand new home without purchasing the insurance coverage one needs in the event a wreck or fire happens. Educators that need to hire an attorney without such coverage end up having to pay out of pocket. This is why we encourage all our clients to join GAE so their legal fees are covered in the event they have an employment problem.

In the state of Georgia, we are suffering a tremendous teaching shortage where over one half of all news teachers are dropping out within the first five years. One of the ways we can better keep and retain good teachers is by providing good employment protections and working conditions. GAE, the state affiliate of the largest teacher’s union in the country, is instrumental in doing so. This is why our law firm, Williams Oinonen LLC chooses to work as an attorney affiliate alongside GAE. Because like us, they believe in aggressive advocacy for their educators. For more information on membership with GAE, you can contact 678-837-1100.

If you have an employment, education, or civil rights issue, feel free to contact our law firm at 404-654-0288.

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