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Good Georgia Education Lawyer Reverses Reduction In Force Part Two:


Williams Oinonen LLC was very gratified with the courage the Tribunal showed in making the right decision to reject Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson’s recommendation to terminate the contract of an educator in DeKalb County School District through a reduction in force.

While the educator ended up accepting a very attractive offer at a nearby school district so the Tribunal’s decision did not end up having to be ruled on by the Board, Ms. Oinonen hopes that the DeKalb County Board of Education will take note as to how the Reduction in Force is being applied, ask the right questions and demand accountability from the Superintendent in the future.

Regarding Ms. Oinonen’s legal representation, Mr. Lynch stated:

“She won a RIF hearing for me. That says it all. I cannot recommend Julie enough. She is passionately intense and sincerely dedicated to securing the interests of her client. But, most importantly, she achieved a singular and, in my opinion, far reaching success when she won my RIF hearing, a very difficult thing to do. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any educator in a similar situation.”

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