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Good Georgia Education and Employment Lawyer Wins Due Process Student Disciplinary Tribunal Hearing in DeKalb County School District


Student disciplinary tribunals are notoriously difficult to win, a recent study showing that 89 to 91 percent of students are found guilty and lose their tribunal hearing.

Good Georgia Education Lawyer has been very fortunate to have a solid track record of success, including this past week where she won a student disciplinary tribunal for her client who was facing expulsion or alternative school.

Ms. Oinonen and her clients were very gratified and the fairness and objectivity of the hearing officer who found her client to not be in violation of the code of conduct charges and determined that “no further action” was needed against him in terms of discipline. The student was permitted to return to school and make up his school work.

Said her clients (the parents): “I can’t say enough about the job that Julie, and her firm, did for my family. Her fees were fair, she worked tirelessly on our behalf, but most of all, Julie was 100% committed to our case, and it showed. Our outcome could not have been better.”

Good Georgia Education and Employment lawyer represents teachers, administrators, and students in cases against school districts. If you have a tribunal or a pending hearing against the District, don’t go it alone. If you are able, it is very important to seek legal representation to maximize your chance of a successful outcome.

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