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Georgia Trucking Accident Kills Methodist Minister

images.jpgA tractor trailer truck weighing over 47,000 pounds struck Georgian Methodist minister Rev. Joseph Roberson’s automobile, tragically ending his life. The Reverend was driving in South Georgia when he drove past an unseeable stop sign on Poor Robin Road and crossed over a highway where he was struck and killed. Georgia State Patrol stated that the stop sign on the road had been lying on the ground. Roberson drove past the downed sign in his 2009 Honda Accord, crossing the northbound lanes of Highway 21 where a southbound tractor trailer struck his car on the passenger side causing fatal injuries.

When a city fails to properly maintain a stop sign in an upright visible condition, and a wrongful death or serious injury occurs, the city may be held liable for damages. Maximum recovery and justice many times depends on how quickly the victim or someone acting on behalf of the victim seeks professional help, because there are so many variables involved from preserving evidence to properly handling aggressive insurance agents of the trucking company. And even if you receive compensation for such a tragic accident, your lawyer must also know how to protect your recovery regarding your own health insurance companies and federal programs, if they apply to your situation.

The situation is complicated and for that reason you need a good Georgia lawyer who knows what to do. For more information on wrongful death claims, in general, and those related to trucking accidents, contact Williams Oinonen LLC LLC for a complete and confidential consultation.

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