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justice-scales-gavel-fb.jpegChoosing a good lawyer to help you with a case, such as wrongful death, contract dispute, employment termination; asset forfeiture, and excessive force, can be very difficult.

Many blog posts advise you to make sure that (1) you feel comfortable with the lawyer you choose and that (2) the lawyer you choose has sound experience and understanding in the area you need representation in. While all that is true, there is one area that also demonstrates the quality of representation you will be obtaining to handle your case: your lawyer’s willingness and ability to handle an appeal of your case in front of a higher court.

Foremost, you may not read a lot of blog posts that talk about handling an appeal of your case in front of higher courts, because that means something may have went wrong with your case in the lower court. But here’s the reality: when you are going up against cities, school districts; law enforcement officials; public officials; big corporations; and hospitals–whether you win or lose at the lower court (trial court), one party is going to appeal, or threaten to appeal the loss, to the higher court (Appeals Court).

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server.JPGToday, the AJC reported that a Georgia restaurant chain called “This Is It” has been ordered by the feds to provide 230 workers $104,000 in back pay and fined nearly $1,900 for letting minors work illegal hours.

The U.S. Department of Labor took legal action after investigating the restaurant and found violations of record keeping, overtime, and minimum wage laws which protect workers. Furthermore, it found the restaurant chain wrongly classified employees as “exempt” consequently failing to pay them overtime (time and a half their regular rates) for hours over forty in a work week as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Moreover, the restaurant chain did not pay workers minimum wage because it illegally deducted lunch breaks and uniform expenses. Additionally, underage workers were allowed to work restricted times. Finally, the company failed to maintain correct records of hours worked and money earned by the workers.

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