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Georgia Truck Accident Lawyers

Thousands are injured or killed each year in big rig accidents caused by driver error and negligent trucking companies. Dangerous driving, trucking rule violations, oversized loads, negligent hiring, and driver fatigue put the public in danger on a regular basis. Trucking companies and their employees have a legal duty to operate their vehicles safely and avoid putting the public at harm.

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Truck Accident Cases

About 100,000 people are injured each year in large truck accidents and about 5000 lose their lives. In Georgia, over 200 fatalities occur each year due to these large trucks. The Georgia truck accident lawyers of the Williams Oinonen LLC know that a truck accident is different than any other type of vehicle accident. The massive weight of a 10,000 pound vehicle bearing down on a passenger vehicle causes death or devastating injuries in over half of truck accident cases. The lawyers at Williams Oinonen LLC can help you with your personal injury claim resulting from any of the following truck accident causes:

  • Truck Driver Error: Reckless and Negligent Driving
  • Truck Defect / Malfunction
  • Trucking Company Negligence
  • Truck Driver/Company Violating Georgia Trucking Rules and State Laws
  • Improper Truck Maintenance
  • Bad Road Conditions

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Truck Accident Attorneys in Georgia

The Williams Oinonen LLC understands how to effectively represent trucking accident victims. We will use investigators and accident reconstruction experts to photograph the accident scene, identify witnesses, obtain truck driver’s log books, trucking company maintenance reports, and police reports.

To protect your legal rights after you or your loved one received serious injuries or wrongfully died from a trucking accident, you should immediately contact Georgia truck accident attorneys at Williams Oinonen LLC.

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