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Good Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer, How Can I Sue The Truck Driver That Killed My Family? Georgia Trucking Accidents Part One

truck.jpgGood Georgia Truck Accident Lawyers can help you during a terrible truck accident. “How can I sue the truck driver and trucking company that killed or injured my loved one?” is question that none of us ever want to be faced with. It you are ever in that terrible predicament, is absolutely essential that you retain the services of a good Georgia lawyer immediately for one main reason: Trucking companies, similar to railroad companies are notorious for underhanded tactics when it comes to hiding the evidence in a trucking collision that has caused fatalities or serious injuries. Thus, it is essential that you have a good, trustworthy, competent attorney working on your side to fight against these tricks .

One of the first things a good Georgia lawyer will do in a situation involving trucking deaths and injuries will be to immediately send out spoiliation letters to preserve the evidence. For example, attorneys need to immediately request data from on-board recording devices, including ECM (electronic control module), any computer on board, or other recording device that was on the day of the accident and prior.

The “black boxes” are essential to help victims in their truck accident cases because the data is often able to provide evidence as to what actually was the causing factor in the collision. For example, “black boxes” often can be compared to the driver’s personal log to see if the truck drivers actual driving time doesn’t match up with what was actually recorded in the computer data.

If an attorney is not promptly hired on the scene, it is often the case that the trucking company will allow both the tractor trailer and the ECM black box to be destroyed.

A good Georgia lawyer can immediately intervene to take the necessary action to stop the truck companies from these underhanded tactics.

If you are ever in the unfortunate situation where you or a loved one has been seriously injured by a trucking collision, contact Williams Oinonen LLC for a consultation. We can be reached at 404-654-0288 and will do everything legally possible to protect your best interests.

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