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Georgia Employment and Education Lawyer Obtains Dismissal Of Teacher’s PSC-Professional Standards Commission Suspension Charge Against Her Teaching Certificate

teacher-300x200Georgia Employment and Education attorney obtained a full dismissal and no probable cause finding from the Attorney General and Georgia Professional Standards Commission involving a charge brought against a school teacher facing a suspension of her teaching certificate due to a Georgia PSC standards of ethics charge. The PSC agreed to take no disciplinary action against the educator, closed her case, and expunged the file.

Said the Georgia educator to Ms. Oinonen: “Words can not express my gratitude for you. Your dedication to my case was second to none. The fact that you could hear in my voice my frustration and concern, shows me you are not only a gifted attorney but also an ANGEL equipped to help others during their time of need. You NEVER gave up on me, you could have simply pushed me aside and not bothered going the extra mile. But you did and I am thankful. My career was in jeopardy due to me making a poor decision, however, God gave me a second chance. Thank you for the opportunity to redeem myself!! Your service and Georgia Association of Educators are a GOD send! Thank you!!!”

Georgia Employment and Education attorney recommends that an educator always first contacts an education attorney before responding to a Georgia Professional Standard Commission (PSC) charge. Having an attorney from the start can impact the level of sanction the PSC recommends. Additionally, it is essential to have legal representation in the event of an appeal and request for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, a matter which is civilly prosecuted by the Attorney General of the State of Georgia.

This is one of the reasons why it is so essential for educators to have legal coverage through the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE), a state affiliate of the largest teachers’ union and labor union in the country, the National Educators Association (NEA). Without such coverage, educators end up having to pay their legal fees out of pocket. Whereas other professional associations which compete with GAE have legal funding limits, GAE does not and will fully cover all the legal fees and expenses of a GAE member who needs to defend their teaching certificate from an action brought by the Professional Standards Commission. Unfortunately, in this day and age anyone, including a disgruntled parent, can file a charge against a Georgia educator even if it is unfounded. Because a PSC charge is so serious and can result in the suspension or revocation of an educator’s license, it is more important than ever to make sure that one has legal coverage available.

Williams Oinonen LLC is a proud attorney affiliate of the Georgia Association of Educators and while the law firm represents educators and employees who retain our law firm privately, we always advise and strongly recommend that our educator clients have GAE coverage in place for when they need it so they don’t have to worry about the financial cost when going through a stressful experience such as a PSC charge.

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