Defective Products

Georgia Products Liability Lawyers

Consumers are legally entitled to products that are safe when used in a reasonable manner. No Georgian should be at risk for serious injury or death from a defective product. The Georgia products liability lawyers of Williams Oinonen LLC can help you make a strong case against a negligent company. Contact us today at (404) 654-0288 to speak with an attorney about your options.

Types of Product Liability Cases

If you have been injured by one of these defective items, then the Georgia product liability lawyers of Williams Oinonen LLC can help:

  • Faulty Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Products
  • Dangerous Vehicles including SUV Rollover
  • Defective Vehicle Parts such as brakes, air bags, and tires
  • Treadmills and other Exercise Equipment
  • Propane Tanks
  • Contaminated Food Products and Containers
  • Dangerous Products and Toys for Children
  • Defective Tools and Machinery

Defective products can pose very serious danger to the users. Because of this, a successful product liability suit will not only benefit you, but will protect thousands of other consumers who might be using the same product.

Failure to Warn

Manufacturers are also obligated to insure that their product includes clear, visible and concise warnings outlining the dangers and their consequences. If you have been harmed by an improperly labeled product, then you may be able to make a successful claim. Call the Georgia Product Liability Lawyers to learn more about your rights in this situation.

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The Georgia product liability lawyers of Williams Oinonen LLC have dedicated their practice to protecting consumers’ rights. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today at (404) 654-0288.

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