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Consumer fraud complaints have gone up considerably all over the United States in these troubled economic times. Consumers, homeowners, small businesses, and investors are becoming prime targets for consumer fraud schemes particularly in the credit crunch and real estate crash. Increasing numbers are from investment schemes and work from home self employment opportunities targeted against the many consumers who have lost their jobs. Additionally, various mortgage modification and debt consolidation schemes are set up to prey on people already experiencing the pain of economic recession.

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About Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud occurs when a customer purchases a good or service that doesn’t turn out as promised. These items and services can range from investment schemes and internet scams to defective products to mortgage modification fraud.

Companies have succeeded in defrauding their customers through the following:

  • Identity theft
  • Third party and creditor debt collection
  • Shop at home and catalog sales
  • Internet services
  • Foreign money and counterfeit check scams
  • Banks, lenders, and mortgage fees
  • Business opportunities and work from home
  • Advance fee loans and credit protection repair
  • Travel, Vacation, and Timeshare Plans
  • Credit card bills
  • Life insurance plans
  • Auto Related Complaints
  • Telephone and computer services
  • Phone bills

These are just a few of the areas through which companies have defrauded consumers.

Georgia Law

Georgia has taken steps toward lessening the instances of consumer fraud within its borders. Georgia’s basic consumer protection law is the Fair Business Practices Act, which forbids representing products as having official approval when they do not, outlaws advertising without the intention of supplying a reasonable number of the items advertised, and empowers the head of the Office of Consumer Affairs, which now also administers laws that regulate charitable solicitation, offers to sell or buy business opportunities, buying services or clubs, and telemarketing.

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If you have suffered damages as the result of consumer fraud, then the Georgia consumer attorneys of Williams Oinonen LLC can help you. Contact us today at (404) 654-0288 to learn more.

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