Breach of Contract

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If you are involved in a breach of contract case, you should contact the Georgia business litigators of Williams Oinonen LLC . Our goal is to avoid protracted, costly litigation by resolving our client’s breach of contract case in the most cost efficient way possible.

Breach of Contract

Under Georgia breach of contract law, the plaintiff (the person suing) is generally entitled to recover money damages sufficient to put it in the financial position it would have been in if the defendant (the person being sued) performed the contract. To recover these lost profits, a plaintiff must prove to the court that he or she would have indeed made these profits. Calculating lost profits can be based upon comparable business experiences, based upon the stated value of the actual contract, and based upon the testimony of qualified experts. These are just a few of the methods available to a business plaintiff to substantiate a claim for lost profits in a breach of contract lawsuit. Breach of contract claims can be complciated: Contact the Georgia business litigation attorneys at Williams Oinonen LLC to determine whether to file a breach of contract lawsuit.

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