Bad Faith Insurance

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If you are involved in an insurance bad faith claim, you should contact the Georgia business litigators of Williams Oinonen LLC . Our goal is to avoid protracted, costly litigation by resolving our client’s insurance bad faith case in the most cost efficient way possible.

Bad Faith Insurance

Insurance is one of the most important things we pay for in order to safeguard and protect what is important to us. When tragedy strikes, the most important thing to know is that the insurance company is going to come through with their promises to you. If the insurance company wrongly denies benefits and fails to meet their obligation to you, this could constitute bad faith. Our business litigation lawyers handle bad faith claims involving life insurance, health insurance, home insurance, car insurance, and other insurance benefits.

We can help you with the following claims:

  • Failure to pay benefits that are due
  • Wrongful and unreasonable delay in withholding
  • Refusal to settle claims
  • Failure to investigate claims
  • Failure to protect the insured from judgment
  • Other deceptive practices

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