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Administrator Keeps Job After Filing Suit Against Clayton County Schools

“I am about to get fired from my job,” or “I think my boss is about to terminate me, what do I do?” are questions that Williams Oinonen LLC hears from employees all throughout the state of Georgia. When facing this dilemma, the most important thing to do is to seek legal advice before taking any action at all. Depending on the type of job you have, different legal rights may apply.

In this case, Williams Oinonen LLC had five full days worth of a fair dismissal hearing that lasted for nearly half of a year. And thanks to Georgia Association of Educators, three of the top expert witnesses concerning the lawful use of CBD oil were retained. These experts testified that Mr. Blackwood was legally using CBD oil to treat an auto immune disease. Williams Oinonen LLC filed suit for unconstitutional violations by the school district which can be read about here.

Ultimately, after a long and hard fought battle, Clayton County Local Board of Education voted unanimously not to terminate Mr. Blackwood. The AJC ran a story on his victory which can be read here. Stated Mr. Blackwood:

“My wife, Kim, and I will forever be grateful to GAE for the undaunting support of your organization and for the attorney that was provided. We could not have accomplished our goal of total victory without the resources provided by GAE. The Clayton County School Board was gracious in their unanimous decision to reinstate me. Our attorney, Ms. Julie Oinonen, was steadfast in her efforts to bring our case to a successful conclusion. She is now a part of our family. I stand ready to offer my support to GAE in whatever manner is needed. I believe in GAE and its efforts to protect and support its members.”

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