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Georgia Whistleblower Attorney Has Whistleblower Client’s Lawsuit Featured On WSB-TV Richard Belcher’s News Investigation

Georgia Whistleblower Attorney filed suit on behalf of Mr. Christopher Jones, DeKalb County Schools whistleblower who lost his job after reporting illegal activity. Richard Belcher of WSB-TV news did a full blown investigation which can be watched here. Additionally, AJC reporter Marlon Walker wrote an excellent piece which can be viewed here.

After Mr. Jones blew the whistle on illegal activity occurring at his school, he received private messages from Board member Vickie Turner who assured him that as long as he cooperated with the investigation she would make sure his job was protected. Unfortunately, that did not happen and Mr. Jones lost his job and has had multiple job offers in metro Atlanta rescinded because his principal who he blew the whistle on would not provide him with a reference.

Attorney Julie Oinonen stated: “We want the DeKalb board to make things right not just for Mr. Jones, but to make sure whistleblowers at DeKalb County Schools are protected from retaliation.”